What's up with the Bluegrass Martins?

What's up with the Bluegrass Martins?

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

by Dale Martin on 01/02/18

Hello to all our friends that keep up with us here on the website,

        We hope that you all have had a very Merry Christmas spent with loved ones! And we hope that this new year 2018 finds everyone doing well.
2017 was an exciting year for us, we had the pleasure of recording a bluegrass/country album with Leona Williams and Ron Williams. You can purchase it on our products page. Go check it out if you haven't already, we love how it turned out. And we had so much fun recording it! Plus we had a lot of fun with our shows this year, some festivals, A lot of shows with Leona and Ron advertising the music thats on the new cd! 
2018 is going to be yet another exciting year for the Bluegrass Martins. Although our music schedule is not as busy as it has been, we are very busy with things on the home front. One of our goals is to make another album for all to enjoy, we have a lot of songs that we are already doing onstage that haven't been recorded yet. So that is one of our goals! 
And 2018 is bringing lots of changes as the family grows up and out! 
Dale and his girlfriend Brandy Maasen have finally decided to tie the knot!
And Janice and her FiancĂ© Aaron Houk will be getting married this year as well! 
Lee is moving to Iowa to be closer to his girlfriend while she attends college. 
Larita and Andrew are enjoying their new married life right outside of Jefferson City. 
Anne is enjoying having the whole basement at home to herself now. She loves reading and dancing and playing her bass, which she is absolutely killing onstage and off! 
Jeana and Eddie are busy raising their 2 boys, as well as Eddie is working on getting a recording studio up and going here in Jefferson City, MO! Lots of exciting things happening. 
But don't think for a minute we are not going to play music together. That is what we do and that is what we will always do. We are taking this year a little slower on the touring end of things as we prepare for 2 big life events! 
Keep up with us here on our website and Facebook and Instagram and all that internet craze. If you want to be on our email list send us an email and we will put you on that for our monthly updates as well.
Happy New year to you all. 2018 is upon us! Lets make it a great one!
God Bless you all. 

Travel Down This Road With Me is Now Available!

by Dale Martin on 10/30/17

Hello Everyone!

   Well the project is finally finished! We are excited to announce that you can now own the new CD and T-shirt of our collaboration with Leona and Ron! We hope you all enjoy the results! We hope you visit our store and consider ordering today. Thank you in advance for your support!


Keep On Keepin' On

by Dale Martin on 06/19/17

Hello everyone,
     This month finds us busy and slowly progressing on the new album. We are still in the mixing stage. Then it gets sent out to be mastered and after that, reproduction.
     We had a great time traveling to Holly, CO and enjoying their small town and hospitality. We also enjoyed seeing our friends at Turkey Track Bluegrass Festival in Waldron, AR. Next weekend we will be at another great festival in Conway, MO. That's Starvy Creek Bluegrass Festival!

Thank you everyone for your support!


Update from Dale

by Dale Martin on 05/16/17

Hello everyone,
      So... Larita is 'tying the knot' with Andrew Nolt on Saturday! We are happy and excited for both of them! Janice is behind most of the planning for it so she is running around frantically but yet in organized chaos, if that makes any sense. 

      I have been fine-tuning the website the past couple of days. Hopefully it is stream-lined for you to access everything. Janice and I designed the new album page and you can now purchase all our products through paypal. I want to thank Lee for his suggestions on the website as well as Brandy Maasen for her input. 

     We are all anxious to have the new album with Leona and Ron Williams finished! It looks like all the tracking has been wrapped up. Next it's editing and mixing, then off to the mastering studio and then to the reproduction team for the finished product! So we're looking at at least 3 weeks. Sorry to keep everyone waiting but we wanted it to be no less than perfect for this project.

      I was privileged last trip to have my girlfriend with me. We enjoyed our time together at Silver Dollar City on Thursday and Friday. Then Saturday in Nashville at the ET Midnite Jamboree. Thank you Brandy for your company!

Thanks for reading and listening,

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